Surveillance video shows suspect in man's murder

ATLANTA — Police hope new surveillance video will help lead to the gunman who murdered a man outside an Atlanta club.

The 26-year-old victim was shot early Tuesday morning in the 500 block of Whitehall Street in Atlanta. It took place in a small lot that has a camera up on that corner.

Anthony Freeman was killed just outside his car during an armed robbery.

Police released this video in a news conference that shows the last two hours of the suspect right before the shooting, being dropped off in another parking lot just up the block.

He got out of the passenger side of a white four door sedan, possibly a Chevy Impala, then walked down Whitehall.


The victim and his friend are in a car, after leaving the Blue Ivory Club around 6 a.m.

Atlanta police said the two were robbed of a large amount of cash, but when Freeman gets out of the driver's side to confront the suspect, he's shot and killed.

The suspect then gets back in the same white car that followed him down the street to get away.

“Hopefully someone in the club recognizes these gentleman,” said Lt. Charles Hampton. “Would like to speak to the driver as well. Right now we do know the passenger we believe to be our perpetrator, our shooter."

Freeman will be laid to rest this weekend in Detroit, Michigan where he's from.

There is no video showing him inside the club, so police said they need anyone who saw anything inside the club, outside, or after to come forward.

Dennis Freeman said his son is from Detroit but moved to Atlanta about three years ago and had recently been on a temporary layoff from a moving company. Two days ago, Dennis Freeman said his son talked about going home for Christmas.

"He was a great young man. Everybody in his family loved him," Dennis Freeman said. "I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that I won't talk to him again."

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