Man ‘adjusting his pants’ causes gun to go off inside Neiman Marcus, sends shoppers running

ATLANTA — Atlanta police say someone’s gun accidentally went off inside the Neiman Marcus store in Lenox Square, causing mall customers to run and hide for cover.

Investigators said officers were called out to the mall around 6 p.m. Saturday after people called 911 saying they heard gunshots coming from inside the department store.

“Witnesses initially indicated there may have been a dispute occurring between two individuals when they heard a shot fired. However, officers have uncovered additional information showing there was no dispute related to this. Instead, a male was walking through the store and adjusting his pants when the firearm he had in his waistband discharged. It appears the shot was accidental and no one was injured by the bullet,” police said in a news release.


Police said the gun owner ran from the mall and has not been found. Officers continue to investigate the incident but urged gun owners to leave their weapons at home when shopping.

“We urge gun owners to be responsible and we would recommend they leave their firearms at home while they are out shopping in public areas. Instances like this are unacceptable and we expect more from those who choose to carry firearms,” police said in a news release.

The shooting is just the latest in a string of incidents involving guns at the mall over the last couple of years.

Just over two weeks ago, someone was shot inside the Apple Store inside the mall following an argument.

In October, police said a victim opened fire on the people attempting to rob him in the middle Neiman Marcus.

In February, police found a man shot in the stomach in a parking lot of the mall after police said he met three people in the food court for some type of prearranged sale.

A man was shot by a police officer in a parking deck Jan. 18 during a robbery. Police said the man who was shot was actually a friend of the robbery victim, but wouldn’t put down his weapon. The robber was arrested. Both men were charged.

On Dec. 20, two men robbed and shot a mall employee as she walked to her car in the parking garage.

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