Police: 5 bystanders shot outside local nightclub

ATLANTA — Atlanta police are investigating a shootout at a nightclub that left five people injured.

Police said the five victims were presumably innocent bystanders in a shooting outside Club Crucial.

According to police, two groups were involved in an altercation inside the club located on Donald Lee Hollowell Drive in northwest Atlanta just after 12 a.m.

Police said both groups were asked to leave, and then went outside to opposite sides of the parking lot.

Shortly after, gunshots rang out, leaving four men and a woman shot. Police said the five victims are not believed to have been involved in the actual shooting.




A second crime scene was located at the intersection of Peyton Ave Bellview Avenue. Police said a total of 64 casings with multiple calibers were recovered from both scenes. Five victims sustained gunshot wounds and were transported to Grady hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

“(I heard) like three to four different voices arguing. Then I heard two different female voices. Then it got quiet for a few seconds. Then is sounded like World War III,” Roman Kelly said.

Kelly was parking cars in a lot next door to the club and said from the size of the bullet holes left in a car, and the sound, he thinks one of the guns may have been an automatic assault-style rifle.

All of the victims were taken to Grady Memorial Hospital and are reportedly stable.

The club has no known surveillance equipment and there are currently no cameras in the immediate area, police said.

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