People across the metro are using the power of music to help get through coronavirus isolation

ATLANTA — We have made it to the end of another week and over the last few days we have gotten a lot of new information about the coronavirus outbreak.

We have also seen some pretty incredible stories about how we're in this together and ways we're getting through it.

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Here are a few ways the community is coming together to spread joy with something we can all relate to: music.

Below is the Harrison High School Virtual Choir of Kennesaw. They joined their voices from their homes -- creating a beautiful harmony to sing “Ubi Caritas” by Michael John Trotta.

In Jonesboro, it was a little bit of a different vibe but just as much joy from "DJ New Me."

Taye Martin said he suffers from depression and social anxiety and being a DJ is helping him get through this difficult time.

He started playing music for his neighbors and now he does it every Saturday night.

And finally, the Georgia Symphony Chorus created a 360-degree view of its performance of the classic Ray Charles hit, and official state song, “Georgia on My Mind.”

People of all ages, races and backgrounds came together to show we are all #InThis2Gether.

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