Mother arrested after 1-year-old accidentally shot by another child

ATLANTA — Atlanta police said they have arrested the mother of a 1-year-old who died from a gunshot wound after another child accidentally shot them.

The incident happened Jan. 12 on Harwell Road NW. Police said the gun was left out in a room with the two small children, when one picked it up and shot the 1-year-old.

Investigators said the child’s mother, Amaiya Williams, has been charged with second-degree murder.

What we’re learning about the arrest, starting on Channel 2 Action News at 4 p.m.


“This arrest does not bring us solace; this is a horrific incident with a nightmarish outcome for everyone involved, but especially the baby who never got a chance to live a full life,” Atlanta police said in a news release. “Over the past year, there have been too many times where our officers have responded to a call of a child shot who was seriously injured or killed due to the negligence of adults who are trusted to protect them.”

Atlanta police urged gun owners to be responsible with the weapons and make sure to store them properly.