Mosquito season is in full swing in Metro Atlanta

ATLANTA — Spending time outside the last few weeks has put Atlantans right in the middle of mosquito season — and the bugs are biting.

Severe Weather Team 2 Meteorologist Eboni Deon learned why they are so annoying.

Mosquitos thrive in warm and humid conditions, making metro Atlanta the perfect place to live, especially since these days will be around for a while, according to Deon.

“I have quite a few bite marks on my ankles. So does my wife and my son,” Mohammed Ghomi said.

This time of the year, mosquitoes typically thrive.

They start in the spring. As soon as it gets above 55 degrees, we start to see mosquitos, according to Mark Winters, lead customer service representative for Mr. Mosquito.


“We have mosquito spray that sometimes we use, but it doesn’t help so much,” Winters said. “It’s just been consistently raining every afternoon, so that’s attributed to the — you know — rise of mosquitoes in the last three to four weeks.”

“The beginning of May and into June, but then as soon as we begin July, it’s the season. It gets heavy,” Winters said.

It does not take much water for mosquitoes to breed. It only takes a milk cap full of water to produce hundreds of mosquitoes.

According to Deon, to keep mosquitoes from ruining outdoor activities, stay away from places with standing water or where water could be hiding, such as birdbaths, kid toys or dog bowls.

According to Winters, it is best to go outside as early as possible or after the sun goes down.

It has been a wet summer with a rain surplus of over two inches in Atlanta.

This will continue, and mosquitoes will continue until October, although Winters believes they tend to linger into early November.