Metro doctor hopeful as new findings over COVID-19 vaccine show great promise

ATLANTA — Pharmaceutical maker Pfizer announced Monday that an interim analysis shows its COVID-19 vaccine is more than 90% effective.

In a phone call briefing, the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said there’s excitement about the vaccine news.

They also stressed they’re focusing on distribution and safety.

“I go into work knowing I’m going to see a COVID patient or several COVID patients,” said Piedmont Fayette emergency room doctor Kevin Cleary.

He told Channel 2′s Carol Sbarge that, as a front-line worker, when he had he an opportunity to be part of a vaccine trial he didn’t hesitate.


“It’s probably better and safer for me to take something that is well studied rather than to risk any harmful effects I could get from the virus itself,” Cleary said.

Pfizer said 43,000 volunteers got two doses of either a vaccine or a placebo. Pfizer said less than 10% of those who got the vaccine got infected.

“Ninety percent is a game changer. Ninety percent now you’re hoping to have a tool in this war against the pandemic that would be significantly effective,” Cleary said.

Pfizer’s CEO said this will likely be the greatest medical advancement in 100 years.

The results were analyzed by an independent group of experts. They say more will be known by the end of this month as to the final percentage of effectiveness.

Cleary was not told if he got the vaccine or placebo but told Sbarge that he could tell it was the vaccine. He said he felt kind of achy for a day and a half.

“A little bit of achiness for me, that’s a trade-off I’ll take. Bit of achiness and a sore arm knowing I’m protected,” Cleary said.

A Pfizer board member said the vaccine could be widely available by next summer.

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