Man arrested after shooting, killing his 16-year-old stepson during quarantine fight, police say

ATLANTA — A man shot and killed his 16-year-old stepson during a fight over staying inside their home, police say.

It happened along Lisbon Drive in southwest Atlanta after midnight Thursday.

Police said there was a fight at the home, and the stepfather, identified as 42-year-old Bernie Hargrove, shot De’onte Roberts several times after the boy kicked in the front door at the family’s home and punched him in the face.

“The victim’s mother told detectives that that there had been a dispute earlier in the day when the 16-year-old refused his parents orders to remain in the home and comply with recent shelter in place directives. Later, the victim returned to the home and kicked in the door to the house where a physical fight began between the suspect and the victim. During that altercation the victim was shot," police said.

Roberts’ mom and younger sibling were inside.

Police want to remind people it's important to remain calm, while everyone is sheltering in place.

"When the pressure gets hot, you just have to take a deep breath and you have to separate. People are on top of each other right now. We're staying in the house,” said Atlanta Police Capt. D’Andrea Price.

Investigators said they have charged Hargrove with felony murder.

Channel 2’s Tom Jones spoke to friends of the 16-year-old. They say he was a good kid, who was respectful.

They said teens are having a tougher time following shelter in place directives.

“I think it went too far,” Kira Cade, who knew the victim, told Jones. “I think he should have been talking to him or disciplining him how he’s been disciplining him, not pull out a gun.”

Cade said some teenagers just don’t understand the importance of having to stay home.

A psychologist told Jones that what adults feel during sheltering in place is magnified times 15 for teenagers staying at home.