Man says he's getting backlash after releasing video of police-involved shooting

ATLANTA — A local man told Channel 2 Action News he's feeling the backlash after he helped the video of a deadly police shooting go viral.

The video, now seen around the world, shows

. Moments later they shot and killed him.

The spread of that video is largely due to Chris Leday, an Atlanta resident originally from Baton Rouge, who received the video from a friend.

Leday told Channel 2’s Carl Willis he was the first to share the footage on social media.

"To me it was cowardly and it was sad," Leday said. "You can see for yourself what it is. I wanted someone to be held accountable."

The video went viral, sparking protests and ultimately opening dialogue about the way minority communities are policed.




Metro Atlanta has held panels, and Thursday night


"We really need to sit down. We need to find some leaders organize, get together and get a real game plan that's going to be effective for us to stay united and minimize the police brutality," Leday said.

Still, Leday told Willis he hasn't been unscathed by exposing the video. He believes he's been the victim of retaliation by the police.

"My job is up in the air. Suspiciously, when I tried to go to work the day after the tape release, I was apprehended at the gate and they said I had an assault and battery charge," Leday said. "They told me I was sought after and I fit the description and they were that vague. I was like, ‘Fit the description of who?’"

Leday said he paid some past-due traffic tickets and was released from jail. He said the assault and battery charge doesn't exist and is still working to clear his name.

"I’m not intimidated. I won't be deterred. The truth is the truth, and I’m actually proud of my people for uniting and coming together,” Leday said.

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