Man fights to work after sharing Alton Sterling shooting video

ATLANTA — The Atlanta man who first circulated video of the Alton Sterling shooting from Baton Rouge says his job isn't allowing him back. The man claims this is retaliation for posting the video on social media.

"There aren't any charges, he never had a warrant for an assault. My client has never had any criminal history," Attorney Tiffany Simmons said.

Just 24 hours after Christopher LeDay posted video of Alton Sterling being shot and killed by Baton Rouge police officers, police arrested LeDay where he works.

After being arrested at Dobbins Air Force Base in Marietta, LeDay was told he was going to jail for assault and battery charges.

Both LeDay and Simmons say those criminal charges never existed.

"They never showed a warrant for an assault to my client, in fact my client was held in DeKalb County Jail for at least 26 hours and they never produced a warrant," Simmons said.

Simons told Channel 2 Action News when no one could come up with a warrant, she was told her client was being held for "unresolved traffic tickets," LeDay paid those citations before leaving DeKalb County Jail.

LeDay tried to go back to work at Dobbins, but officials at the gate told him he still had security clearance issues.

Channel 2's Tyisha Fernandes reached out to base officials who said they had no comment.

LeDay said his supervisor knew about the traffic tickets when he was hired about six weeks ago.

LeDay believes he's on unpaid leave, because he posted the Alton Sterling video.

"He should not be penalized or possibly retaliated against, he should not be embarrassed at his place of employment for doing what is right," Simmons said.

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