Family of grandmother, grandchildren killed in hit-and-run “insulted” by suspect’s request

ATLANTA — Dorothy Wright and her two grandchildren were headed to church in 2016 when a man running from police in a stolen SUV crashed into them.

During a court hearing Wednesday, Diontre Tigner’s attorney asked the judge to let him go on a $50,000 bond.

Tigner spent half-a-decade on the run, but his attorney said he was not a flight risk.

Family members of the victims were not happy.

“That was an insult to our family. You took 3 lives,” said Douglas Partridge, father of 6-year-old victim Layla Partridge. “50,000 bond is like something you would get for shoplifting almost,” added Floyd Costner, father of 12-year-old victim Cameron Costner.

Tigner, 22, faces six counts of felony murder and three counts of hit-and-run. Police say he stole an SUV limo in College Park in 2016.


Officers say he led them on a high-speed chase before he crashed into Wright and her two grandchildren while they were on the way to church in Southwest Atlanta.

Police say Tigner ran away and was on the run for six years. Officers captured him and then ran his DNA. They say it came back to the airbag in the deadly 2016 crash.

Prosecutors asked the judge to keep Tigner locked up, calling him a danger and a flight risk. The judge agreed and denied bond.

“Very happy. Cause he doesn’t need to be out doing the same exact thing that he done to us” said Joi Partridge, mother of Layla Partridge, after the decision.