Like watching people do donuts? You could face $1k fine, 6 months in jail

ATLANTA — This past weekend, hundreds of people shut down the connector to watch drivers do donuts on the interstate.

Wild video shows the highway backed up and dozens of people outside of their cars.

On James Jackson Parkway, tire tracks and skid marks were left behind from where a large group blocked the road two weeks ago.

Channel 2′s Dave Huddleston has learned that a city leader plans to not only go after the drivers, but the spectators too.

Atlanta City Councilman Dustin Hillis said going after the drivers is not enough. It’s also time to go after those who show up and watch.

"If they don't have an audience, no one is going to start doing donuts in the middle of a state highway," Hillis said.

Hillis said he's going to start going after street racers, the organizers of the massive events and the hundreds of spectators that show up.

"We want to catch this before it even happens," Hillis said.

Hillis said his ordinance will let Atlanta police use technology intelligence to track down the organizers before souped-up cars ever get on the road.

"Even after that, we have more tools to not only address the reckless drivers in the cars, but the many people giving audience to this illegal and dangerous behavior," Hillis siad.

Hillis lives less than a mile from where 300 cars and hundreds of spectators blocked the road on James Jackson Parkway on May 2.

"I'm in my house with the doors and windows closed," Hillis said. "I was awakened by the noises from the mufflers and tires screeching."

If you’re caught at one of these events, the fines and penalties are pretty steep: $1,000 and six months in jail. Your car will also be impounded.

Hillis will introduce his proposal at a city council meeting.

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