Lawmakers accuse governor of trying to ban contraception; Kemp campaign calls it a lie

ATLANTA — Some Democratic lawmakers are accusing Gov. Brian Kemp of supporting potential legislative efforts to ban access to a certain form of contraception.

The Kemp campaign calls those accusations a lie.

Before June 24, economic issues and a looming threat of recession were the top campaign issues.

That’s the day the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, pushing abortion and women’s reproductive rights into the forefront of several political races across Georgia.

“Women are not going to stand up and take this again. We will fight,” Atlanta’s Democratic state Rep. Kim Schofield said Monday.

She and other female lawmakers criticized recent comments made by Kemp surrounding access to certain contraception’s like Plan B.

Even as Republicans are campaigning hard on economic issues and the threat of a possible recession, Democrats are campaigning hard on issues of abortion and women’s reproductive rights.


State Sen. Elena Parent insists recent audio of Kemp talking at a University of Georgia football tailgate shows he supports potential legislative efforts to ban access.

“Access to all forms of contraception is a fundamental right,” Parent said.

The Kemp campaign fired back, calling those accusations lies.

“The governor has never opposed access to contraception despite the attempts of desperate Democrats and their media allies to spread a complete lie. The full audio proves the governor’s position remains the same.”

Channel 2 Action News was there as Kemp signed the state’s heartbeat abortion bill into law, though it only became law once the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. A lower court reinstated it during an appeal.

Democrats promised to continue to fight it and any efforts to limit access to contraceptives.

“All of this rest(s) on this one thing. It impacts Georgians on a fundamental level,” Parent said.

Recent polls show a tightening race between Kemp and his Democratic challenger, Stacey Abrams.


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