Judge denies bond for Atlanta rapper Young Thug

Fulton County, Ga. — A Fulton County judge has denied bond for Young Thug, whose real name is Jeffrey Williams.

Judge Ural Glanville handed down the ruling Thursday evening saying he has significant concerns about Williams being a danger to the community and flight.

Williams co-founded a violent street gang that committed multiple murders, shootings and carjackings over roughly a decade and promoted its activities in songs and on social media, prosecutors allege in a sprawling indictment that charges him, rapper Gunna and 26 others with racketeering.

He was arrested last month at his home in Buckhead, an upscale neighborhood north of downtown Atlanta. He was being held on charges of conspiracy to violate Georgia’s RICO Act and participation in a criminal street gang.


The judge cited allegations that he is leader of a dangerous gang and more as to why he denied Williams’ bond.

Earlier in the day, prosecutors wanted William’ attorney to recuse himself due to a conflict of interest.

The judge allowed the lawyer to continue for now, but said he would revisit the issue later.


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