Here are several ways Clark Howard says you can save big money at the grocery store

Even with the extra cost of inflation, there are still ways to save money when you’re headed to the grocery store.

Channel 2 consumer adviser Clark Howard said searching for deals in the weekly circulars is key.

How said he looks at Kroger’s deals on his phone; as for Publix, Aldi and Lidle -- those he gets from the newspaper.

“I go through them and I figure out what’s my smartest move for this week,” Howard said.

For this particular week, the best deals for Clark were at Publix and Aldi.

Howard said the key to saving money at Publix is buy-one-get-one free deals. He said both Publix and Kroger are known as hi-low retailers.

“Their regular prices may be a little bit higher than you find in other marketplaces, but lower than Walmart and potentially near the price of Aldi or Lidl when you buy the sale item,” Howard said.


Stocking up on what you need as you shop will save you money as well.

Howard uses what he calls a reverse shopping list. He creates his list from the deals he finds, instead of looking in his pantry for what he needs.

“I look for things I know we consume in our household and things I know will have a long shelf-life,” Howard said.

Apps like Flipp and Grocery Pal are useful for finding deals online.

Each of them allows you to search for specific deals and stores while you build your list.

Howard said with a little bit of work, everyone can save.