Help make a child at Children’s Healthcare smile! Submit your video today

ATLANTA — Children's Healthcare of Atlanta is launching a campaign to help kids smile during the coronavirus pandemic.

It's a difficult time for Atlanta families both at home and in the hospital. Kids everywhere are going stircrazy -- from your toddler getting into the cabinets to elementary school kids begging for you to let the neighbor to sleep over.

Tonight, Children’s Healthcare is launching a campaign for parents to harness some of that energy to help make kids in the hospital smile.

The hospital will share posts on its social media platforms asking families to share an 8-second video of their kids doing something hilarious or kind, silly or sweet, from sharing a joke to a new dance learned on Tik-Tok.

Videos can be submitted via the Children’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Once the hospital gathers enough submissions they plan to put together a video to play for kids in the hospital.

Your toddlers are opening cabinets you didn't know existed. Your second-grader is begging to let the kid next door sleep...

Posted by Children's Healthcare of Atlanta on Tuesday, March 24, 2020


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