Some Midtown residents returning home after unstable crane forced them out

ATLANTA — Dozens of people are able to go back to their homes more than a week after an unstable crane in midtown Atlanta forced them out.

Two temporary cranes have been brought in to stabilize the tilted crane as crews continue to safety take it apart.

Channel 2′s Kristen Holloway talked to one of the residents of the Atlantic House Midtown, who was returning to his unit.

Daniel Hall said he and his puppy Romy couldn’t be more excited.

“It’s a huge relief especially for the weekend. I miss my apartment. She misses the apartment. She’s had a weird week,” Hall said.

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It’s been a week since construction mishap also forced nearby street level businesses to shut down as a safety precaution. A four-block section of West Peachtree is also closed.

“I had just got off a work call and the fire alarm went off and that’s when they came over the PA and said, ‘You had to leave and evacuate immediately,’” Hall said.


“The winds have been havoc, they haven’t been able to work the past couple of days because the winds have been too strong,” said resident Victor Marquez.

Marquez, a retired high-rise building contractor lives nearby. He said the job of removing the crippled crane is complicated and costly.

“These are two temporary cranes they brought in. From what I heard talking to these guys, the yellow one is about a 100 grand a day, and the way about 60 grand a day to run it,” Marquez said.

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