Gun sales in metro Atlanta jump days after Orlando terror attack

ATLANTA — Following the shooting of more than 100 people inside a gay nightclub in Orlando, many are rushing to buy guns. Even members of Atlanta's LGBT community are arming themselves.

Metro Atlanta gun stores say AR-15s, the same gun used in the Orlando terror attack, are flying off the shelves.

A national group called Pink Pistols, geared toward gun advocacy for the LGBT community says its membership is jumping by the day.




Atlanta's chapter is organizing a meeting next week after the membership more than tripled.

Adventure Outdoors in Smyrna brings out AR-15s on a car, restocking by the dozen. The gun retailer reports selling 15 AR-15s an hour, when their norm is about four or five a day.

The store owner says the current boost in sales is not just due to people seeking protection, but a fear that the AR-15 could soon be banned.