Gladys Knight says customers have nothing to worry about

ATLANTA — Gladys Knight says customers of Gladys Knight's Signature Chicken and Waffles in midtown have nothing to worry about after a failed health inspection in February.

Gladys Knight was in Atlanta to perform at Chastain, but she also spent several days at the restaurant, on Peachtree Street, learning and cooking.

She says customers have nothing to worry about when they eat there.




It was big news when the restaurant got a 56 on a February health inspection.
"Our biggest thing was a freezer door that was off, but we weren't using the freezer," Knight said "The freezer was dead. They cited us because no door; I get that."
Knight says she got a call immediately that day from her son, who owns the restaurant, letting her know about the failing inspection.
"He was so upset about this," Knight said. "I had to really calm him down."
Knight says she has always had tremendous confidence in her son as far as the restaurant business.
He says keeping the restaurant clean and safe is a priority.
"It's an ongoing effort as far as health is concerned; as far as the cleanliness of the restaurant," Shanga Hankerson said. "I'm not trying to get a whooping at home."
Hankerson says all kidding aside, he and Knight respect the job health inspectors do.
Knight says people expect a certain level of quality from her in whatever she does.
"About the people that walk through the doors. I'm just as concerned about them as them buying tickets to come my concerts," Knight said. "I want to give them the best of who I am."
Knight says every violation from that February day has been fixed.
The restaurant's current score is a 90, which is an A.