Georgia First Lady Marty Kemp gives Channel 2 private tour of Governor’s Mansion for holidays

ATLANTA — Georgia’s First Family welcomed Channel 2 Action News for a private tour inside the Buckhead Governor’s Mansion.

As they prepare for another holiday at the Governor’s Mansion, Channel 2′s Karyn Greer spoke to First Lady Marty Kemp and First Daughter Amy Porter Kemp about their holiday traditions.

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“Well, this is the people’s house. So it is that residents of Georgia, this is their house. And we’re blessed to here,” Marty Kemp said.

Over a dozen stately trees adorned with thousands of lights were in the house, the largest in the foyer with some very special and personal ornaments.

Marty Kemp told Greer that there were no faux trees in her home.


“I just put lights on all of the trees except for the one in the fourth year, and then I decorate it. We decorated that with the Know Georgia ornaments,” Marty Kemp said.

When Greer asked the First Lady and Daughter what their favorite decorations were in the house, Amy Porter Kemp said her favorite was the dining room.

“My mom got some really cool trees in the middle, and we set the table this year, and it’s really, really pretty,” she said.

Marty Kemp told Greer her favorite was the poinsettias in the center of the home.

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When discussing the recent election, Marty Kemp said the family loves the holidays, and with the stress and fallout from the presidential race, and the gubernatorial race behind them, she said her family is ready to move forward and not look back.

“When you think back on it, I can’t believe we survived at all,” Marty Kemp said. “But, you know, I think when I finally realized that the good Lord was in charge and I needed to give it to him, then, you know, they kind of really just made it just took the burden off of my shoulders and just said, ‘Well, if you bring us to it, then you’ll get us through it.’ So that’s and so many people around the state, every time we saw them, they’re like, we are praying so hard for y’all. And we felt it. I mean, we really did. I mean, that’s prayer is powerful, and that’s the only way we got through it. But, you know, we’re blessed to have four more years, and we’re excited, and we got a lot more things to do.”