Friend admits to shooting popular Atlanta rapper

Rapper "No Plug" (L) says in an onlne interview that he shot his friend and fellow rapper "Bankroll Fresh" (R) in March.

ATLANTA — A longtime friend of a popular Atlanta rapper who was killed outside a recording studio has admitted to his involvement in the shooting.

Trentavious White, known as Bankroll Fresh, was killed in a shootout at Street Execs Studios in March.

In an online interview, fellow rapper No Plug said he shot Bankroll in self-defense.

No Plug said that he and Bankroll Fresh had gotten into a fight at the studio over a previous incident. He had then picked up Bankroll’s handgun, which had fallen, and then he left, he says.

He said he came back to get two cellphones that he had dropped and that’s when Bankroll came outside with an AK-47 and shot at the car he was in.

No Plug said that he fired a couple of shots in self-defense and then pulled away, fearing for his life.


“He fired a shot, and s--- happened. We pulled off, and he ended up dead,” No Plug said in the interview.

[You can watch the full interview



The video contains profanity.]

Atlanta police collected up to 60 shell casings from the scene, which went from the shattered front door, to the parking lot and down the street.

Police and the Fulton County district attorney said they are aware of the video. No Plug has not been charged and is not being called a suspect.

Atlanta police said they interviewed him the night of the shooting, but he was not charged.

“I could have been dead, so I’m not going to say I want to take the situation back, but if there was a way we could have both kept our lives, I would have liked for that to happen,” he said.

The district attorney's office said they have received the full investigative file from police and plan to reach a decision on any criminal charges in the case within the next 120 days.

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