Freddie Freeman to Braves fans: ‘Thank you from the bottom of my heart’

ATLANTA — In a heartfelt post to social media, Atlanta Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman thanked Braves fans for their love and support.

Through the Atlanta Braves have not announced anything official about Freeman’s status, they traded for first baseman Matt Olson from the Oakland A’s, signaling an end to Freeman’s time with the Braves.

Freeman won the 2020 NL MVP and earned five All-Star nods over 12 seasons with Atlanta.

In his post on Instagram, Freeman said: “We went through the very highs together and some lows but those lows is what made last year so special. You watched me grow up from a baby-faced kid to marrying my love @chelseafreeman5 and seeing us bring 3 beautiful boys into this world. I’m so glad my family got to be a part of yours.”


“Freddie is obviously an amazing player,” Olson told reporters on Tuesday. “It’s just not going to affect what I come here and do. I’m here to be Matt Olson. That’s all I can really control.”

It’s been projected that Freeman will sign with the Dodgers or an AL East team like the Rays or Red Sox. The Yankees were rumored to be in contention before they signed Anthony Rizzo. The Blue Jays were also thrown out as a possible landing spot before they made trades Wednesday.

“I gave everything I had day in and day out and I hope you guys saw that as well. Although our time has come to an end, I look forward to seeing and playing in front of you all again. When that time comes, I hope you remember all the wonderful memories we made together. I love you Braves Country! Champions Forever!” Freeman ended his post with.


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