Federal judge to make decision about whether or not to issue injunction over transgender law

ATLANTA — A federal court judge is considering issuing an injunction to halt Georgia’s new transgender health law until a trial can determine if it’s constitutional.

That law prohibits healthcare professionals from performing certain medical procedures on transgender children.

The plaintiffs in this case, five parents of transgender children, say this law hurts them, so they want that injunction quickly.

After the two-day hearing ended, the judge says she needs time to process everything she heard.

“This law is incredible overreach on the part of the state. It intrudes on the private medical decisions and into families’ lives in a way that’s unconstitutional and outrageous, and it needs to be blocked,” said attorney Beth Littrell.

The General Assembly passed the bill in March, and Gov. Brian Kemp signed it into law almost immediately.

It prohibits health care providers from performing certain medical procedures on transgender children including hormone replacement therapy and surgery for children to help them align with their gender identity.


Cordele Republican state Sen. Carden Summers wrote the law and defended it in March, insisting it was about protecting children not about politics.

“We’re not trying to do anything. We’re just trying to protect the children. That was the intent of the bill and that’s where we’re at.,” Summers said.

At the time, Attorney General Chris Carr’s office issued a statement as it fights the suit and the injunction: “The attorney general will do his job which includes defending laws passed by the general assembly and signed by the governor.”

Attorney Ed Buckley represents one of the families suing the state. He said the court needs to strike down this law.

“It interferes with a parent’s right to govern their children’s medical care, for one, which is a pretty substantial right,” Buckley said.

Federal court judge Sarah Geraghty wrapped up the two-day hearing Friday afternoon. She said she recognizes the urgency for a ruling on an injunction.

But she said she needs some time to process all this because she “wants to get it right.”

We expect a ruling in the next few days.