Father, son arrested in fight at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

ATLANTA — A father and his son are facing charges after a fight broke out in the stands at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

The fight happened during the Alabama vs. Florida State game on Saturday.

Video shows the brawl, in which it appears one man throws at least three punches at fans while being escorted out.

Channel 2's Justin Wilfon showed the video to people outside the stadium.

“I was kind of shocked. It looked chaotic. Normally, you don’t want things getting out of hand,” one man said.


The incident report from Atlanta police said an argument about the game became violent when one fan said another fan grabbed her by the back and slammed her head to the ground.

Father, son arrested in fight at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

A stadium security guard can be seen in the video trying to escort one of the suspects out, but the suspect continues to throw several punches.

Police arrested Charles Kraver and his son, Charles Kraver Jr., both from Alabama.

The woman was taken from the stadium by ambulance for treatment of her injuries.

The father and son are facing multiple battery charges.

Stadium officials and police have not said if there will be any changes to their security procedures because of the incident.