Family: Former NFL star to pay for independent autopsy in alleged bed bug death inside Fulton jail

ATLANTA — The family of a man they say was eaten alive by bed bugs inside the Fulton County Jail now says former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick will pay for an independent autopsy to try to pinpoint how he died.

Lashawn Thompson was found dead in his cell in September, covered in bed bugs.

The Fulton County Medical Examiner has not been able to determine the cause of death.

The family said Thompson’s body had more than 1,000 bites and that his jail cell was “a death chamber.”


Fulton County Sheriff Patrick Labat is working to improve conditions at the jail. This week, he announced the resignations of the top three jail officials.

County commissioners also approved a $5.3 million spending request from the sheriff.

Labat told Channel 2 Action News that the money will enhance the safety and security of inmates and help clean the jail’s medical and mental health cells.


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