Doctor shares how you can fight seasonal allergies

ATLANTA — This morning, if you feel a scratchy throat or itchy eyes, you might have fall allergies.

They’re common in and around Atlanta.

This week, Channel 2′s Linda Stouffer spoke with Dr. Stanley Fineman of Atlanta Allergy & Asthma this week to see how you can best deal with these seasonal sniffles.

As people enjoy this autumn sunshine, fall allergies are really kicking up.

Nasal congestion and itchy eyes, fueled by seasonal triggers, including ragweed.

“When it affects their upper airway many times, they can get help with nasal steroids or antihistamines, which are now over-the-counter

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Patients who come in for testing can get targeted treatments.

“The other thing we can do frequently is use allergy immunotherapy, which helps people build up a tolerance to the things they’re allergic to,” Fineman said.

Spring pollen is highest in the evening, but in the fall, it’s reversed.

Ragweed levels are highest in the morning, according to Atlanta Allergy and Asthma.

So if you’re impacted, take that walk or run for later in the day.

“I wish there was a quick fix and a cure for everyone to enjoy nature and be themselves without having to deal with the fluctuations of seasonal allergies,” Tori Madison said/


As great as it feels outside, if you’re really affected, keep windows closed.

You might be tracking pollen inside on your clothes, shoes even your dog, so wash up or change especially before bed.

Doctors also say controlling allergy symptoms can help with asthma flare-ups, and lowers your risk of severe complications from respiratory viruses.

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