DNR to unveil all-terrain wheelchairs that will be available at several parks, historic sites

ATLANTA — For anyone who has to use a wheelchair, the state says it will soon be easier to be able to enjoy several parks, historic sites and wildlife centers because these locations will provide free all-terrain wheelchairs.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources said it has partnered with the Aimee Copeland Foundation to provide high-mobility, all-terrain track wheelchairs at 10 different locations across the state.

DNR said the initiative “encourages those with mobility impairments to reconnect with nature, explore nature trails, go fishing and attend adaptive hunts.”


The chairs are designed to help “navigate more difficult types of terrain” and give people who use wheelchairs “the ability to hit the trails and easily navigate through mud, water, sand and snow.”

“Qualifying park visitors can experience a sense of freedom that can be difficult to have in an everyday wheelchair,” DNR said in a news release.

Aimee Copeland Foundation’s executive director, Aimee Copeland, said this is something that has been a long time coming.

“We’re honored to offer this life-changing program to the community,” she said.

An unveiling ceremony for the chairs is set to take place on Nov. 4.


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