Daycare under investigation following complaints

ATLANTA — State officials and Atlanta police are looking into possible child abuse at an Atlanta day care center.

An elementary school teacher took her 3-year-old son to the hospital after discovering welts on his
back and buttocks.
"I started bathing him, and when I got to the back, I screamed and said, 'What is that on your back?' At that point
I started crying and he started crying," said Raavin Evans.
Evans said she noticed the long red marks while giving her son a bath on March 17.

He attended Carol's Daughter Learning Center on Pryor Street in downtown Atlanta.

She said her son told her he got the marks on the playground, but wouldn't say how it happened.
"I asked him, 'Did someone tell you not to tell mommy?' He said, 'I can't tell you. They said don't tell mommy,'" said Evans.
After examining the child, a doctor concluded the injuries suggested child abuse and notified Atlanta police.
The child's mother wants to know what happened to her son.
"Last night was the first night since March 17th that my son has not had night terrors. There is no logical reason to abuse a child, no reason at all." said Evans.
The mother said she has pulled her child out of the day care center. Channel 2 Action News left a message for comment from day care management, but did not get a response.