Crime victim turned gun rights activist pushing new bill for Georgia

ATLANTA — A metro man who said he and a friend were ambushed by two attackers said he wants others to be able to fight back like he did.

Surveillance video obtained by Channel 2's Matt Johnson shows the moments on Nov. 1, 2018, when the man was able to get his gun and start shooting at the men who ambushed him.

The shooting happened the same day he got his concealed carry permit.

"I just really had to get my handgun out and put them on their heels and give myself a fighting chance," Jon Foster said.

He shared pictures of some of the bullet holes in the would-be robbers' truck, which they left behind as they ran away.

Hapeville police said whoever is responsible is still out there.

"They had stolen goods in the truck from a previous robbery that night, and I think they were setting us up for a home invasion," Foster said.

Foster says he's speaking out now to support of HB2, a proposed bill known as "constitutional carry." If passed at the Capitol, it would get rid of the need for a concealed carry permit for Georgians legally qualified to own a gun.

Foster said his permit arrived after eight weeks and on the same day of the attempted robbery.

"Had it happened a day earlier, I would not have had my permit. I would not have had my handgun on me, and we'd be having a different conversation, if we were even having one," Foster said.

State Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver believes the bill would be unpopular among Georgians.

"They support more background checks, universal background checks. They do not support no background check in order to carry a gun," she said.

But Foster said he believes a right delayed is a right denied.

HB2 is still in the committee process, and similar bills like it have failed in the past.

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