Community members say cameras have become useful tool to combat metro Atlanta’s rising crime

ATLANTA — There’s a good chance you drive underneath them every day in metro Atlanta — Flock cameras. They give police a unique view across the city and a live eye on crime.

They’re catching criminals through the computer screen by reading license plates and alerting officers.

Many people who live in Buckhead told Channel 2′s Audrey Washington that they are now pushing to get more cameras in the area as crime continues to rise across the community.

“Our crime is through the roof,” said Bill White, chairman of the Buckhead City Committee.

White said he has personally advocated getting more security cameras in the area.

“I think they are working to solve crime. And the more cameras we have, the better off we will all be,” White said.


White told Washington that crime, including shootings, robberies, street racing and more, is a major issue in metro Atlanta, and he’s thankful for this extra tool to fight it.

“I think most people are supportive of them being in their neighborhoods. Of course, there are issues of privacy, but if they can help solve a crime, we’re all for it,” White said.

Josh Thomas is vice president of Flock Safety. He said the cameras are installed in major cities all across the country, including right here in metro Atlanta.

“We have thousands of cameras in the Atlanta metro from private neighborhoods, small businesses, community improvement districts,” Thomas said. “We are helping law enforcement capture the objective evidence they need to solve crime.”

Thomas said the cameras helped solve a number of crimes in the area.

“We create technology that captures vehicle details. What people don’t realize is that 70% of crime is with the use of a vehicle. People drive in, commit the crime and then drive out. Our cameras focus in on those vehicle details,” Thomas said.

Police used a video from a Flock camera to identify and arrest Ian Christian McGhee, 43, in a reported attempted kidnapping in Brookhaven.

Thomas said the cameras also captured a road rage incident in north Georgia.

“They were able to locate the car at a nearby restaurant, and police made the arrest,” Thomas said.

Flock cameras have also become a useful tool to help with Amber Alerts.

When you think about the detailed description we all get when we receive the alerts, those in many cases come from Flock cameras that captured the vehicle investigators are searching for.

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