Clark Howard has several ways to combat inflation as parents buy back-to-school items

ATLANTA — Americans are expected to spend $34 billion this year on back-to-school items.

Channel 2 consumer advisor Clark Howard has some tips to help you beat the inflation as your kids gear up to head back to class.

“Inflation has just gone up so much it’s hard to know what the price is going to be,” parent David Stephens said.

“It’s frustrating, especially with five in school,” mother Delarakhalili Stephens said. “We’re very careful about budgeting.”

But the Stephens said they have a plan as they shop for back-to-school items: They buy things as they find them instead of waiting until the last minute.

“I still think prices are going to be high this year, but hopefully we’re starting to come down a little bit from the peak,” Ted Rossman with told Howard.


Rossman said taking advantage of credit card rewards is a great way to combat those higher prices.

“Maybe look for ways to save by stacking discounts, like combining a rewards credit card with an online shopping portal,” Rossman said.

Online portals like Rakuten allow you to earn cash back on your purchases and also help you find coupons.

Howard said to be willing to buy brands you normally wouldn’t.

“There are so many ways every day for you to stretch every dollar. It’s just a matter of you being willing to take the time and the effort to make it happen,” Howard said. “When you’re out and about, just because something is on sale, really think through before you buy it. Is it something you’ll need, something you’ll use?”