Chrisleys’ daughter gives new insight into how Todd and Julie are handling prison life

ATLANTA — We are now getting a better idea of how Todd and Julie Chrisley are handling being in prison.

During a recent episode of her podcast, the couple’s daughter Savannah Chrisley read emails from her parents and spoke about conversations she’s had with them about how they were doing with their recent incarceration, E! News reports.

The Chrisleys, mostly known for their reality TV series “Chrisley Knows Best,” were found guilty last year of conspiring to defraud banks and the IRS out of millions of dollars.

In November, Todd Chrisley was sentenced to 12 years in prison plus 36 months of supervised release. Julie Chrisley was sentenced to seven years in prison, plus 36 months of supervised release.

Both were ordered to report to separate Florida prisons on Jan. 17. However, Julie Chrisley was instead taken to a prison in Kentucky.

During her podcast, E! said Savannah Chrisley said, “It makes my heart to know that my parents are okay.”

She said Todd Chrisley has started a job working at the prison’s chapel, which Savannah said was “absolutely amazing.”

“We talk to him, we email him,” Savannah Chrisley said. “We get to see him, so for that, I am forever grateful, because there are so many people that don’t get to see their loved ones that are in different facilities, that are maybe in maximum-security prisons that don’t get visitors, that have to say hello through a piece of glass.”


She also read from one of Todd’s recent emails where he gave her some advice now that she has custody of her younger brother and sister.

“I want you to give yourself some grace,” she read. “Fall in love with the real Savannah, the one that I raised that radiates a room with her kindness and compassion, not the one the world wants to see.”

When it comes to her mother Julie, Savannah said she is doing well.

“It sounds crazy for me to say, ‘Alright, they’re doing really well,’ but they are. My mom, she’s made friends, she’s keeping busy, she’s going to church, she’s working, she’s playing some spades,” she said.

Looking at the Brightside of things, Savannah said this situation has helped her find a new purpose in life.

“My mission is going to be to bring awareness to how broken our prison system is, how we have a system that does not encourage rehabilitation,” she stated. “It does not encourage growth, it doesn’t encourage forgiveness, it just encourages, really, beating someone down further than they already are, and that’s really, really sad.”

Information for this article came from E! News.