Child abuse suspect trying to leave country captured on plane

ATLANTA — Local federal agents arrested a man who is accused of abusing a child, and made the arrest just before he tried to get out of the country.

Sergio Morales Soto, 19, was on board a flight heading to Guatemala on April 5, but his flight was delayed because of severe weather.

The storm gave agents enough time to arrest him.

"We were able to locate which aircraft he was on, actually to the point of which seat he was on. Then we went on board the aircraft and apprehended him," Deputy Special Agent in Charge, Gregory Wiest, of Homeland Security Atlanta said.

Channel 2 Action News was there when local agents handed Soto over to Caroline County Sheriff's Office agents and he boarded another plane -- this one headed back to Maryland, where Soto will face six felony sex assault charges.


"We are quickly able to identify where these people may be within Hartsfield, not even at Hartsfield yet, but booked on a  flight. We have people who know the front of the airport to the back of the terminal. They do it every day," Wiest said.

Port Director Carey Davis, with U.S .Customs Border Protection, said they arrest more than 20 suspects a day across the country.

He said bad guys think that if they make it to the airport, or even get on a plane they are scot-free.

“But they're wrong. They're wrong. This is the place we are going to get you," Davis said.

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