Cameras catch gun-wielding man breaking into business

ATLANTA — Police need help finding a man caught on surveillance video breaking into a restaurant.

Video shows the man break into Stems Café along Campbellton Road and rummage through the waiting area and kitchen of the restaurant.

"He not only took money and items, he took my security, he took everything from me," restaurant owner Darrick Stembridge told Channel 2’s Nefertiti Jaquez.

Video shows the man break into Stems Café and rummage through the waiting area and kitchen of the restaurant.

Choking back tears, Stembridge told Jaquez she has lost her sense of security after the break-in.

"I can't explain to you how upsetting it was to see him walking around in here with a gun in his hand," Stembridge said.

Police said the gun-wielding thief stormed into the restaurant before it opened on Monday morning.

"He kicked the bottom of the door," Stembridge said.


Cameras were rolling when he kicked in the glass of the popular neighborhood café before stealing the money bags from the safe along with some electronics.

“Nothing has never happened like this and I'm furious,” Stembridge told Jaquez.

She's furious because she wasn't the only victim. Her parents' flower shop, which is right next door, was also targeted.

Pictures show he broke in the same way.

Police said at least two other business along the same block were also burglarized.

Stembridge said she's baffled as to why the thief would just come and take from a business it took her nearly 10 years to build.

“Every day when I leave, I wonder is he going to come back and is there more he's going to take from me?” Stembridge told Jaquez.

Investigators said if anyone recognizes the man to call Crime Stoppers at 404-577-8477.