Rappers T.I., Killer Mike among team helping Atlanta's new mayor

ATLANTA — Atlanta’s new Mayor Keisha Bottoms announced Thursday a transition team that will include local rappers, CEOs and educators.

Channel 2's Dave Huddleston was there as she announced the names of the key players who will help her shape the city's focus and carry out her policy.

“I am grateful to announce this 38-strong transition team. It represents a tremendous amount of diversity and depth, and really the best and the brightest in the city of Atlanta,” Bottoms said.

Among the team are the CEO and Chairman of UPS, the CEO of Delta Airlines Inc., an APS school board member, Senator Jason Carter, Grammy-award winning rapper, actor, entrepreneur and activist Clifford “T.I.” Harris, Michael “Killer Mike Render, artist, activist and businessman, Ron Clark from the Ron Clark Academy and Raphael Warnock from the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church.


The group will help Bottoms carry out her platform of affordable housing, overhauling the city hall corruption scandal and improving education.

She said she wanted the best and the brightest the city has to offer.

"I really want them to come with fresh ideas, and bring to me their recommendation for best practices for the city of Atlanta," she said.

Bottoms said the team will get to work right away.

"To make sure we attract the best talent in the city and we are forward thinking and not just worried about the issues we are facing today but build a team that can project out for many years in the city," Bottoms said.

Huddleston reached out to some of the members of the transition team.

Warnock said he's honored and excited to serve this mayor to move a progressive agenda in the spirit of Atlanta, the cradle of the Civil Rights movement.

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