Apartment ceiling collapses, destroys families' homes

ATLANTA — Families were forced to run for their lives when the ceiling came crashing down in their apartments.

Residents at the apartments on Angier Avenue told Channel 2's Liz Artz that their homes are now destroyed.

The two top floors of apartments were affected.

Residents who lived in those units said roof work started last week may have caused the collapse.


A mother of four said when it started raining overnight the entire roof collapsed. Insulation and dry wall is now covering their apartment floor.

Sheena Saffo told Artz she alerted her neighbor and ran from the apartment. She said rain poured into her apartment for nearly an hour.

Roof collapsed

Saffo said the fire department came out, but did not condemn the units.

“It’s heartbreaking because a lot of ladies, we just lost our apartments,” Saffo said.

Saffo said the fire department called the American Red Cross, which sent out representatives overnight to assist.

One resident told Artz that the property manager said she will find other apartments for the displaced tenants to move into.