Kamala Harris, Ivanka Trump in Georgia today to get out the vote for the Senate runoff

ATLANTA — With only two weeks until the Senate runoff elections, the number of people voting early are exceeding expectations.

And as so many people are heading to the polls, big-name supporters from both sides of the aisle will be coming to Georgia to vouch for their respective candidates.

Channel 2′s Richard Elliot covered Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ campaign for Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock in Columbus at a car rally at noon. Harris encouraged all Georgians to go vote early.

“So Joe and I got a plan for that. We need the votes in the senate. We need Raphael and Jon there,” Harris said.

Due to the COVID-19 relief package vote in Washington, Harris’ previous stop in Suwanee has been canceled, according to her spokesperson.

On the Republican side, Ivanka Trump campaigned for senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler.

Channel 2′s Audrey Washington covered Ivanka Trump’s speech at an early voting rally in Milton.

“We must send Kelly and David back to the senate to defend election integrity and protect American Democracy and fight for Trump,” Ivanka Trump said.

Before Ivanka Trump’s speech, both Loeffler and Perdue addressed the crowd.

“I know that together were going to show America that this is a red state,” Loeffler said.

“Our moment is now. Every generation has its moment for trial and ours is right now,” Perdue said.

Ivanka Trump’s stop in Suwanee has been postponed while her third stop in Walton County tonight is still on the schedule, but Loeffler and Perdue and surrogate Ivanka Trump will not be in attendance.


Her brother, Donald Trump Jr., was at a rally for David Perdue on Saturday, in south Georgia.

President Donald Trump announced that he will host a big rally for Perdue and Loeffler on Monday, Jan. 4, the night before the runoff election.

There is no word yet on where that will be.

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