Airbnb is cracking down on party houses in Atlanta

ATLANTA, Ga. — Airbnb announced Tuesday plans to stop party house listings on its popular platform throughout Atlanta.

The company has identified more than 50 listings in Atlanta that may have violated its policies on parties and events. These listings have received complaints or somehow violated the company’s policies.

Airbnb recognizes that the majority of guest and host do no create problems for neighborhoods. Hosts often have clear house rules, quiet hours and open communication with guests before they arrive. The problem houses are in the minority on its platform.

Airbnb is taking actions against the problem listings as soon as they are identified. These include suspension and removal from the service. The problem addresses can be found in pretty much any part of Atlanta. The homes put on notice can be found from Buckhead to Southwest Atlanta and all neighborhoods in-between.

In 2019, Airbnb banned party houses as part of a commitment to safe and responsible travel. Airbnb added a 24/7 neighborhood support phone line to help with this initiative.


Residents of the neighborhood can call this line and speak with a live person at the company day or night. This line has been successful and has helped the company identify the problem listings.

“These actions show Airbnb’s continued commitment to Atlanta residents and to our neighborhoods,” said Atlanta City Councilman Matt Westmoreland.

Stopping party houses is a much bigger deal in the days of COVID-19. Public health mandates prohibits large gatherings during the pandemic. To support current health policies, Airbnb is working to help limit large groups and keep neighborhoods safe.