Abrams says her economic plan would use state surplus to expand Medicaid, help small businesses

ATLANTA — Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is releasing her economic plan for Georgia.

It comes as the latest Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll shows her trailing incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp by 5%.

Channel 2 political reporter Richard Elliot sat down with Abrams to talk economics.

“We know in Georgia right now, we have a generational opportunity,” Abrams said. “For the first time in 30 years, we have a surplus that can truly be invested in the needs of Georgians.”

Abrams wants to use Georgia’s record budget surplus to expand Medicaid and help small business gain access to capital.

She wants to take $10 million and create a small business investment fund which would guarantee loans made by banks to small businesses.


“Capital access programs typically work by encouraging banks to underwrite loans by basically subsidizing the risk,” Abrams said.

Kemp is preparing to announce a brand new major economic development plan at the State Capitol on Wednesday.

In response to Abrams economic plan, his campaign said: “Across our country, families are struggling to make ends meet all because of the same failed liberal way of thinking.”

Abrams, meanwhile, defends her plan and believes now is the time to do it.

“We can do it now. The math proves we can do it without raising a dime in taxes, and my plan is about how we get it done,” Abrams said.


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