Stuck truck only thing holding up ceiling of Walmart parking deck after hitting pillars, driver says

ATLANTA — Emergency crews are working to remove a truck that is currently stuck in a Walmart parking deck.

Firefighters say the truck hit several pillars inside the parking deck connected to the store in the 1800 block of Howell Mill Road in Northwest Atlanta, near Interstate 75.

Investigators say the structural integrity of the parking deck may be compromised.

Channel 2′s Tom Jones went out the store and spoke with the truck driver.

Vincent Sinkfield said the concrete from the ceiling of the parking deck came crashing down around him. He blamed the whole thing on GPS for taking him to the multilevel parking deck while making a delivery.


Sinkfield said he tried to drive through the garage to turn around and that’s when he got stuck.

“What I was thinking was it was over with. When I saw all the bricks and stuff come down, I thought I was crushed. I thought it was an unfortunate accident,” Sinkfield said.

Sinkfield said firefighters told him his truck is the only thing holding the ceiling of the parking deck up right now.

Engineers are on their way out to the parking deck to assess the damage and try to get the truck out without the ceiling coming down.


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