Father of 3 killed outside bar on Edgewood Avenue

ATLANTA — Police are looking at new clues in a double shooting in northeast Atlanta.

They say someone shot and killed a father of three and injured a woman early Saturday morning outside a bar on Edgewood Avenue.

Channel 2's Steve Gehlbach learned the popular area has a lot of surveillance cameras and police already have two people of interest they're working to identify.


The shooting left a Mitchell Mormon Jr. dead and his family is hoping the people responsible will come forward.

Mormon was celebrating a new job when police say someone shot and killed him.

“I can’t believe my baby's gone,” said Mitchell’s mother, Gloria Mormon. “My son did not deserve to die, he was a loving person, full of life.”

His grieving parents said the 32-year-old was excited for his new government job so he could provide for his three young children.

“He was looking for avenues to support his children and that’s because he’s a loving father,” said Mitchell’s father, Mitchell Mormon Sr.

Police say the gunman also shot a woman who was with Mormon but she is expected to recover.

Atlanta police said the men, one wearing a white jacket and the other wearing a hooded sweatshirt carrying a backpack, were caught on surveillance video. %



His family hopes that the footage will lead to arrests.

"A person that would shoot somebody down like that in the street don't need to be out," Gloria Mormon said.
Mormon's family says an arrest would bring closure as they prepare to eventually bring themselves to forgive their son's killer.

“God had just opened up doors for him to start a new job and he was celebrating that and for him to be killed was senseless,” Gloria Mormon said.

Atlanta police are also looking for anyone who may have recorded cell phone video at the time of the shooting.
Mormon's youngest child is just 3-months-old.

If you have any information, you're asked to call the Atlanta Police Department.