Atlanta woman’s mission to help local college students diagnosed with cancer

ATLANTA — The Robin Latimore foundation provides scholarship money to college students dealing with cancer.

In the sanctuary of St. Mark AME Church in Southwest Atlanta, Robin Latimore sings her heart out.

“Hark, the herald angels sing, Jesus, the light of the world!”

Latimore’s inspiration in life comes from God, and her mother. “My mom was diagnosed with cancer when I was born,” Robin said. She has now spent the last 10 years helping local families that face similar struggles.

“I believe that ministry is not just confined to the church,” Rev. Forrest Dickey said. Rev. Dickey has known Robin since college, and has watched her change lives.


“The first case I saw on WSB Channel 2, Miss Sophia Choi brought along. It was my scholarship recipient Rebecca Schmitt,” Robin said.

The Robin Latimore Foundation provides scholarship money to college students and their families who are dealing with cancer. Sometimes it’s a mother or father, Other times, the students themselves.

The funds can be used for anything they need. “We make sure they’re not forgotten. We give them the scholarship money that we can, and help them along the way,” Robin said. Here’s how you can learn more about the foundation: www.robinlatimorefoundation.org