Atlanta home where hip-hop legends OutKast crafted classic songs is now an AirBNB

ATLANTA — Big Boi, hip-hop legend and one-half of Grammy winning duo OutKast, can add the title of AirBNB host to his name.

Big Boi is renting out the classic residence where he, Andre 3000, Goodie Mob and the Dungeon Family cooked up some of their slow cooked and smothered southern classics.

The home affectionately known as “The Dungeon” was anything but a place of horrors. “The Dungeon” housed the creative dreams of two guys who would change the trajectory of hip-hop.

Big Boi teamed up with AirBNB to put the home he owns on their platform as part of the Black Music Month promotion. This year OutKast will celebrate the 25th anniversary of their classic ATLiens album in August.

“The Dungeon, this is the holy place where the alliance of elite MC’s congregated. Outkast, Goodie Mob, Organized Noise, Big Rube to start our movement in music, " said Big Boi.

The building definitely holds a place in southern hip hop culture.

“This building has so much history in it. It’s all our home,” said Big Boi.

The home has been updated since the days when OutKast was in the basement making hits to prove “The South’s got something to say.”

Guests will be able to enjoy the updated OutKast themed furnishings and a state of the art music studio in the basement.

Information on available dates and prices as low as $25 a night can be found here.