Andrea Sneiderman released from prison

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — The widow of a man murdered outside a Dunwoody day care has been released from prison.

A jury convicted Andrea Sneiderman in 2013 of lying about an affair with her husband's killer.

A judge sentenced her to five years in prison, but after 12 months of house arrest and 10 months in prison, she’s a free woman.

Hemy Neuman shot and killed Rusty Sneiderman outside his son’s Dunwoody preschool in 2010. Newman was convicted of murder in 2012 and is serving a life sentence.

Andrea Sneiderman was sentenced to 60 months at Lee Arrendale State Prison, but the state parole board decided she should serve 22 months. She was released early Monday morning.

According to the state Board of Pardons and Paroles, Sneiderman is under standard supervision until 2017. She’ll have to meet with her parole officer once a month, she must get permission to leave the state, she can’t have any weapons and she is subject to random searches.

Sneiderman denied having an affair with Neuman, but a jury found her guilty of perjury and making false statements in a 2013 trial.

“It’s not overbearing by any stretch of the imagination,” said criminal defense attorney Manny Arora.

Arora isn’t associated with the case, but said Sneiderman’s early parole isn’t surprising.

“She’s not a recidivist potential to reoffend as a perjurer,” Arora said.

He said perjury convictions are extremely rare and he’s surprised Sneiderman did as much time in prison as she did.

“I think they would have let her out. With the overcrowding we have, the actual drug dealers and the guns and the violence we have out there, to have somebody like that is kind of ridiculous,” Arora said.

Sneiderman’s attorney told Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik he is, “delighted she’s home and vigorously pursuing her appeal.”

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