9-year-old boy honored for saving his mother's life

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — A little boy's mother is alive thanks to his 911 call.

Channel 2's Wendy Corona obtained the 911 where you can hear Connor Green telling the operator about his mother when she had a massive heart attack.

For operator Karnia Lake, this was her first ever emergency call on the job.

"Sometimes that’s how you learn. That’s the best way to learn, is to jump into the deep end," Lake said.

Connor's mother, Christie, asked her son to call 911.

Connor remained calm on the line during the incident. He relayed instructions from the 911 operator to his mother.


Lake dispatched Cobb County paramedics, who along with Connor and her help on the line, saved a life that day back in February. The thought, still rattles Christie.

"Just the reality of it. That I could not be here right now and I would’ve left my son without his mother," she said.

Connor, Lake and the responding team from Cobb County Emergency Services were recognized for their life saving effort on Tuesday.

"I was nervous and I was afraid that I was gonna lose my mom," Connor said. He added that Boy Scouts taught him to keep calm and his measured actions helped save his mom’s life.

"I’m just so grateful for that second chance," he said.

For his bravery, Connor was awarded one of the scouts' highest honors, the Medal of Merit award.

Christie and Connor got to put a face to the voice when they met Lake, who said since that first call, she has spoken with a lot of children on 911 who are very good at listening and taking direction.