4,800 pounds of explosives ready to bring down Georgia Dome

ATLANTA — The countdown is on for the Georgia Dome demolition!

Crews put in the explosives Tuesday, and yes, there are a lot of explosives.

It’s going to take 4,800 pounds of explosives, six miles of detonating cord and another mile of wire connections.

WSB-TV is partnering with the Georgia World Congress Center Authority for a LIVE broadcast of the Georgia Dome demolition. WATCH Channel 2 Action News This Morning starting at 4:30 a.m. for LIVE Team 2 Coverage.

The explosives and wiring are part of the last steps before Monday’s demolition.

For nine months, crews worked to get the Georgia Dome ready to come down.

Experts say it’ll take 12 seconds to fall with a series of small booms.


"The sound of the explosives will be more like a cap gun, in a series over 12 seconds," Matt Dale, the project senior director, told Channel 2 Action News. "You'll be far enough away you really won't feel that. The seismic activity is more limited than you would realize. Most of what you'll see is the dust cloud that comes out of the roof."

Dale encourages residents to watch from home, with tight parking in the downtown area and no good vantage point.

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