APD cracks down on illegal street racing, reckless driving with major operation

ATLANTA — In a joint effort by multiple law enforcement agencies, 44 people were charged over the weekend in connection to illegal street racing and reckless driving in Atlanta.

Atlanta police said officers also issued 114 citations, impounded 29 cars and recovered four guns, including a semi-automatic rifle.

[PHOTOS: Dozens arrested in street racing, reckless driving bust]

Atlanta police were was assisted by the Georgia State Patrol, the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office and the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office and the City of Atlanta Department of Corrections.

Channel 2′s Tom Regan spoke with Atlanta police Monday about the crack down on speeding and racing.

'We know they’re bored, the streets are less crowded and so you have a kind of perfect storm for this nonsense," Atlanta police spokesperson Carlos Campos said.


Channel 2 Action News has reported on a string of street racing events that have become a growing concern for police in recent months.

Street racing has especially been a problem on the interstates and on Spring Street in Midtown.

We showed you wild video of drivers doing donuts and burnouts in the middle of I-285 in Clayton County back in March. A similar gathering happened near the Varsity in January.

“The danger this poses to motorists and pedestrians alike is extraordinary. Spectators are the ones who are going to get hurt,” Campos said.

Part of the challenge for the street racers is trying to out smart police or top someone else’s video clip of the mayhem.

“The social media aspect to it. The thrill of putting these absurd videos on social media, and try to get as many likes or views as possible,” Campos said.

Atlanta police released a report with names and charges for all arrests that were made on Saturday and Sunday.

(Note: Some of the people charged in this bust were not driving the cars or involved in the street racing. Some were also charged with possession of marijuana, drinking in public or other charges)

Forty people were arrested and taken to jail. Four others were charged and released. The 40 who were taken to jail are listed below:

  • Ethan Wilcock, 29, Laying Drag
  • Ja’Quan Jenkins, 25, Speeding
  • Steven Hicks, 23, Laying Drag
  • Golena Beecher 19 Drinking in Public
  • Kenneth Goode, 25, Drinking in Public
  • Xavier Poteat, 23, Drinking in Public
  • Shaniqua Vance, 32, Drinking in Public
  • Antaeveous Lucas, 26, Poss of Marijuana
  • Travis Powers, 30, Poss of Marijuana
  • Danielle Buchanan, 30, Drinking in Public
  • Simone Mims, 27, Drinking in Public
  • Vannessa Harris, 31, Drinking in Public
  • Michelle Whitaker, 32, Drinking in Public
  • Chantel Smith, 29, Drinking in Public
  • Jackson Hall, 18, No Drivers License
  • Daniel Anguiano, 21, Reckless Driving
  • Blake Jones, 20, Reckless Driving
  • Terrance Johnson, 31, Poss. of Firearm by convicted Felon
  • Camille Albert, 33, DUI
  • Cameron Simpson, 26, Poss. Of Marijuana
  • Donquavius Patellar 27, Laying Drag
  • Montrecia Colzie, 28, Disorderly under the influence
  • Julia Grissom, 23, No Drivers License
  • Tyerikson Johnson, 23, Reckless Driving
  • Brittany Thompson, 29, Reckless Driving
  • Mara Campbell, 43, Pedestrian in the roadway
  • Jasime Trejo, 20, Reckless Driving
  • Marcus Murray, 29, Poss. Of Marijuana
  • Brandon Hughes, 28, Poss. Of Marijuana
  • Jacquez Cooper, 42, Laying Drag
  • Andrew Stell, 30, DUI less Safe
  • Brion Ellison, 30, APD Warrant for Battery
  • Jean Granados 17, Laying Drag
  • Steven Richardson, 27, Reckless Driving
  • Dejuan Menefield, 36, Aggressive Driving
  • Keavandrey O’Kelley, 23, Racing on Highway
  • Jordan Gillespie, 23, Suspended License
  • Ivan Satterfield, 27, Suspended License
  • Kimani Smith, 20, Criminal Street Gang, Poss Marijuana
  • Seydehwon Nagbe, 17, Reckless Driving, Failure obey traffic control device
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