2 UGA football players save the day for family visiting Athens

ATHENS — Two University of Georgia football players saved the day for a family in Athens this week.

Christie Williams Myers posted her sweet story on Facebook and it has since gotten shared over 5,000 times.

Myers said she and her daughter were in Athens Friday when her daughter, Avery, had to use the bathroom. The mom and daughter ducked into a Subway but were quickly told by an employee that the restrooms were for paying customers only.

Myers didn't have her wallet on her and offered to leave, but that's when two young men who were also in line spoke up.

We were in Athens yesterday and Avery had to go to the bathroom really, really bad. She & I ran into the closest place...

Posted by Christie Williams Myers on Saturday, June 20, 2020

“Without hesitation, these 2 young men spoke up and said they would buy a cookie for Avery so she could be a ‘paying customer’ so she could use the restroom,” Myers wrote. “To some it may seem like a small act, but I was so thankful and impressed that these 2 college kids who don’t have kids of their own gave so freely and without hesitation to help us out.”

Myers said she learned the men's names were Latavious and Jaylen and that they play football for the Bulldogs.

“The world needs MORE of this! Thank you Latavious & Jaylen!!” Myers wrote. “Fine young men who asked for nothing in return and a great example.”