2 arrested in death of man over a few dollars, family says

ATLANTA — A grieving mother says the two men who allegedly killed her son over a few dollars in his pocket deserve the death sentence.

Channel 2’s Chris Jose has been digging into the suspects’ past and learned one of the two men committed a string of violent crimes before the murder.

Scean Mitchell, 19, has been previously charged with three armed robberies in the last two years. Now Mitchell and Jaquavious Johnson, 20, are accused in the death of Calvin Clark Jr.

Authorities Calvin Clark Jr, 23, was shot to death at an apartment complex on July 14.

“I just want them to pay for what they did to Calvin. I would even push for the death penalty,” Clark’s mother Quacher Williams told Jose. “They need to be done to the maximum.”

Clark was gunned down outside his southeast Atlanta apartment complex on Newtown Circle three weeks ago.

Now, Mitchell and Johnson have been charged in his killing. Mitchell also faces armed robbery and influencing a witness charges. Johnson also faces armed robbery charges as well.

“It's very unfortunate. They took a big part of me away when they did that,” Calvin Clark Sr. told Jose on Sunday night.


Jose met the distraught parents at a vigil that was held for their son shortly after he was killed.

Clark Sr. believes it helped police develop leads.

“I know he did not deserve this. So I got to fight for my son. I’ve got to get justice for him one way or another,” Clark said. “They don't talk at that place over there. They got people pretty much afraid in their own home. They already have him influencing witnesses.”

Police were called to the 600 block of Newtown Circle in southeast Atlanta on a report of a deadly shooting. Calvin Clark Jr. lived in the apartment complex with his girlfriend.

Clark is referring to Mitchell -- a young man with a long rap sheet.

Records show Mitchell was most recently charged with armed robbery and aggravated assault three months before Clark's murder.

“I would like them to remember Calvin's name. They're going to have to remember his name every day that they spend in prison,” Williams said.

The suspects will appear in court on Aug. 14.

Clark's parents told Jose they'll be there to see the alleged killers.

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