12 things we remember about Snowmageddon 2011

ATLANTA — Some people called it Snowmageddon, others called it Snowpocalypse, thankfully very few people called it snOMG. Whatever you called the snow storm of January 2011, you no doubt remember being stuck at home from Sunday night until mid-week. 

Record low temperatures and wind chills has us thinking about the week that Atlantans stayed home, watched TV and waited for the ice to melt.

Here's what we remember best about the storm:

Glenn Burns nailed the forecast. Everyone knew it was going to snow and there could be ice - leading to long lines at the supermarket. Even Gov. Sonny Perdue declared a state of emergency before the first flakes fell on Sunday night.

People stuck at home got really creative. We saw some very strange photos, some that we can't even show you. When the week ended, we had received about 11,000 pictures from viewers.

We crippled transportation across the country. No one could travel out of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and the delays caused a ripple effect. By 8:35 Monday morning AirTran had canceled every single flight for the day. 600 total flights in two days. Not to mention the mess on I-285 where dozens of tractor trailers remained for several days.

It was very difficult to find bread and milk or an open restaurant.

It was virtually impossible to drive in midtown Atlanta.


But you could certainly ice skate down Peachtree Street.


The Big Chicken looks good in the snow.


Live trucks don't always work very well in the cold.

Not all Atlantans are well versed at sledding.

But Channel 2 Sports Director Zach Klein did a decent job sledding in Piedmont Park.


When Auburn plays in the BCS Championship the weather is going to get bad. Auburn, led by Cam Newton,  beat the Oregon Ducks for the 2011 BCS Championship. A lot of us watched the game, because we couldn't leave the house. When Auburn kicks off against Florida State metro Atlanta temperatures will be in the teens.

Georgia is beautiful in the snow.


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